We tailor everything to families’ most compelling values,
because for us, it’s not just about the money.

It’s about building great families.

Effective education needs to be personal.
Knowing about families’ passions, interests, and hobbies helps us devise learning plans that bring true value to each member of the family. If there’s something your family is passionate about, we can build learning opportunities around it.

To help a family’s philanthropic education, we created programming around a national aquarium that took kids’ behind the scenes to answer the question: what does it cost to feed a whale?

For a family dedicated to developing a 300-year plan, we designed live seminars and activities that synced with series of multi-generational family vacations around the globe.

When parents wanted to help their daughter learn about budgeting, we created a program all about her horse. Our mentors coached her as she created a budget for her favorite hobby and considered opportunity costs.

Have a question about how we could work with your family?
Email us at info@independentmeans.com